Articles Sponsoring Information

What is Article Sponsorship?
Article Sponsorship is a way for your organisation to gain the attention of readers from the specific topic. It is a method to display to the community that your organisation giving back to the community by supporting information that can have great values to the community. We offer article sponsorship on an individual article basis or by packages.

Differences between sponsoring an article and placing a traditional advertisement?
Sponsoring an article can give the readers of the article an impression that your organisation care for the community by supporting the authors in the quest of providing information or knowledge to the society. When sponsoring an article for a lifetime, your organisation web address can be seen and discovered by new readers through time if the article provide a good topic for the community.

Can anyone sponsor an article from's inventory?
We do not accept article sponsoring or ad space purchase from organisations or sites that promote illegal activities, racism, hate speech and violence. We do not accept article sponsoring or advertise placement from organisations or websites that are related to online gambling of which the operation does not own by the government. We do not place banner or sponsor's message that link to websites that contains pornographic materials in our articles or on our websites.

What do we do for an article sponsoring campaign?
Typically when we write an article, we publish the article to multiple RSS feed directory that is related to the subject of the article. We occasionally post our article with full content into forums that are related to the subject of the article. When we publish our articles to a RSS feed directory, we may excerpt the length of the article and provide a link back to the original article’s location with full content. When the article is post in full length, we will place the sponsor name, the sponsor description and a text link of the sponsor’s website above what we determined as the key point of the article. If the article is post with an excerpt length, we will post the sponsor name, the sponsor description and a text link of the sponsor’s website before the link back to the full length article. We only accept a maximum of two sponsors' message and one banner placement per article. Depend on the package, the length of which a sponsor message is kept with the article is ranging from six to twelve months. If the article provide great information, the article can gain new readers from time to time. Currently we are only selling article sponsorship for digital publication.

What do our inventory look like?
Currently we are selling article sponsorship for articles that hosted on http://iblog.website and

What do our authors get?
Our authors get 70% of the proceeding from the sale of the article sponsorship when the sponsor's message is place in their article. We only place one sponsor's message per article. Our authors allows to place one sponsor's message on their own. Our authors are also allows to place one advertisement banner on their own in their article.

What do we do after the purchase?
We will contact you as the sponsor through e-mail to obtain information in regard to you or your organisation and the article which you like to sponsor. Your information or your organisation’s information is then place into the article that you or your organisation chose to sponsor.